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Hi Folks,

1. "Dealing with Reserved Words as Data Names in VFP Apps"

Reserved words used as table and field names in .DBF files
can cause a number of problems. Having been tripped up in
the past by this myself, I did a detailed analysis of
reserved words that are likely to cause problems for most
folks. Then I came up with strategies to deal with the
various situations that can be encountered.

Our 40 page ebook presents an exhaustive analysis of common
gotchas and presents a variety of solutions. Includes the
definitive database of reserved words and conflicts, routines
used to create the database, and a program to analyze your
data set and compare it against this list of reserved word
conflicts. Just $10 for the ebook and source code.

Visit www.hentzenwerke.com/catalog/reservedwords.htm for details.

2. 'Summer's Nearly Over' 30 hour e-book sale

As summer approaches a close and the fall craziness nears,
you should catch up on some of the reading you've
been meaning to do. To help you along, all
Hentzenwerke e-books are $15 (except Best Practices,
$25) through midnight, Thursday, August 15. (That's CST.)

Visit www.hentzenwerke.com/buy/zbuy.htm.

3. "So, You've Inherited a VFP Application..." - Updated!

Our 122 page ebook smorgasbord of ideas, advice, and wisdom
for dealing with that Visual FoxPro application that landed
on your lap after the last developer became unavailable was
updated in late March. Still just $10.

It now contains 132 pages of tips and tricks, and also
includes 10 small programs to help you determine
the size and scope of an application you're evaluating:

* Finding unused files in a project or folder
* How big are the tables, programs, forms and reports in a project
* Auditing the data in a table, including
* - Date spans
* - How 'empty' fields are
* - Duplicate names
* - Normalization considerations
* - Reserved word conflicts

Some say these short scripts are worth the price of the book itself.

Visit www.hentzenwerke.com/catalog/inheritvfp.htm for details.

4. The Business Case for VFP in 2013

Last fall, I wrote a lengthy position paper for Visual
FoxPro. "The Business Case for Visual FoxPro in 2013" lays
out a detailed argument for when VFP is a good choice for
application development, and when it is not. No emotions,
no FUD, simply facts.

I've talked with devleopers daily since, and it turns out
that many still don't know about this document. If you're
trying to make the decision about whether to continue to
use VFP for existing projects, ord to use it for a new
application, this position paper will help you evaluate
your needs and make the decision one way or the other.

Perhaps more importantly, it provides an objective view
that you can take to your management, fellow developers,
and customers who are similarly wondering about VFP's
future now that the EOL is just two years away.

Visit www.hentzenwerke.com/catalog/businesscase.htm for details.

Whil Hentzen