Konu: İşletim sistemi 64 bit mi ? nasil bulurum ? a örnek

Visual Fox Pro
&& Author Sergey Berezniker

&& First determine if IsWow64Process function exists in the OS we're running under
DECLARE Long GetModuleHandle IN WIN32API STRING lpModuleName
DECLARE Long GetProcAddress IN WIN32API Long hModule, String lpProcName
llIsWow64ProcessExists = (GetProcAddress(GetModuleHandle("kernel32"),"IsWow64Process") <> 0)
llIs64BitOS = .F.
IF llIsWow64ProcessExists
    DECLARE Long GetCurrentProcess IN WIN32API
    DECLARE Long IsWow64Process IN WIN32API Long hProcess, Long @ Wow64Process
    lnIsWow64Process = 0
    * IsWow64Process function return value is nonzero if it succeeds
    * The second output parameter value will be nonzero if VFP application is running under 64-bit OS
    IF IsWow64Process( GetCurrentProcess(), @lnIsWow64Process) <> 0
        llIs64BitOS = (lnIsWow64Process <> 0)
? llIs64BitOS